Equine Massage Therapy

There are many benefits of massage for horses, such as increased strength and endurance, along with agility and grace in their movement. Certified Equine Massage Therapists (CEMT) will create long-term benefits for your horse by maintaining muscles so they can perform to their optimum potential.

  • Improve flexibility and suppleness for a smoother gait
  • Improve joint movement for a greater range of motion
  • Relax and release painful muscle spasms
  • Decrease swelling
  • Decrease injury time
  • Improve mental well-being as pain is reduced

Prevent, Diagnose, Rehabilitate

Torn ligaments, tendon tears, muscle soreness and tears, strains and sprains, suspensory issues, cramping, muscle atrophy, increases oxygen in blood streams, increases blood flow, chronic back pain, acute and chronic swelling and inflammation, muscle tone, cellulitis, maintain muscle in a stalled horse.

Did your horse not perform as well as you expected last show season?
Does your horse have chronic issues or unresolved training problems?
Does your horse work hard for you and you want to show your appreciation?

Was your horse recently injured and you’d like to reduce recovery time?

Massage can be the solution to all these things, and much, more.

Written by Kyely Souliere ACA

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