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Dr. Will Bell Discusses Rabies in the South New Brunswick Area on CTV

Recently, Dr. Will Bell was interviewed on the rise in rabies cases in Southern New Brunswick, almost a dozen cases.  Here, he discusses the Rabies Clinic that he and the staff will be hosting this year, in the hopes to eventually get every animal vaccinated against the deadly disease.  For the complete story and interview, […]

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What Is Parvovirus

Did you know that our furry friends need regular vaccinations, just like humans do? One of the diseases your canine friend needs to be protected against is Parvovirus. This disease is part of your dog’s regular Da2PPV vaccine or what we often call, the Distemper vaccine. Parvovirus is not commonly heard of nowadays due to the […]

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The Do’s And Don’ts About Vet Visits

Here are some guidelines to follow when visiting the veterinary clinic Veterinary Waiting Room Etiquette Please do not allow your pet to greet or approach another pet. Even though your pet might be very friendly, there are some pets that are fearful or aggressive. The veterinary clinic waiting room is not an ideal place to […]

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Mayfield Clinic is the best. Dr Rosamund is great. You get results from test and diagnosis right away and in…

Carol Reicker

Mía had a very good experience at Mayfield Vet Clinic, and since she did, so did I. Dr. Rosamund was…

Ellen Jackson

This was my first visit to the clinic for my dogs yearly check up and a vaccine she was due…

Shirl Pedersen

The staff here are super nice and experienced. We live in Maine and choose to have our dog cared for…

Blake Shavers

I called as a new patient and they were able to get us in the next day. They were very…

Jill Fullerton