The Do’s And Don’ts About Vet Visits

Here are some guidelines to follow when visiting the veterinary clinic

Veterinary Waiting Room Etiquette

Please do not allow your pet to greet or approach another pet. Even though your pet might be very friendly, there are some pets that are fearful or aggressive. The veterinary clinic waiting room is not an ideal place to be socializing your pet. Many of the pets there are stressed, sick, or injured. If they are sick, they may be contagious and you could be exposing your pet unnecessarily to illness or disease by allowing contact with the other pets in the waiting room.

Keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier at all times. No matter how well behaved and obedient your pet may be, a leash is a MUST in the waiting room. Out of respect for the other clients please have control over your pet. If you forget yours, we can loan one to you.
Do not approach any pet that is not yours without the owner’s consent. The pet could be fearful or aggressive, and could cause you harm. Speak up on behalf of your pet. If your pet is fearful of strangers or you simply prefer not to do meet and greets at the clinic, speak up on behalf of your pet and politely ask other clients to give your dog its space.

Please keep children under your supervision. Children are very unpredictable; this can sometimes frighten animals and may result in bites or scratches. Make sure they do not approach any animals unless consented by the owner.

Out of courtesy for your vet and the rest of the patients, arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Better yet, arrive 5-10 minutes early so that the support staff has the opportunity to get your dog’s weight and any history required prior to seeing your vet. If you are going to be even a few minutes late, call the clinic and let them know. Depending on how late you are, the clinic may need to reschedule your appointment. There is always the chance of a wait, like any doctor’s office. We have emergencies and unexpected circumstances. Please be patient with us. If you cannot wait please kindly let our front staff know and they will be happy to reschedule your appointment. We will do our best to keep your appointment on time, or will keep you informed of longer wait times.

Please clean up after your pet outside. Stool can transmit parasites and diseases, so to ensure the minimal chance of your pet contracting something, help keep our green areas clean of stool. If you have no baggies with you, the front desk staff will be happy to get one for you.

Keep doors and pathways clear as there is always a chance of an emergency.

Following these guidelines will help you and your pet have a safe and happy experience at the veterinary clinic.