Pet of the Month: Remington’s Story

Meet Remmi! He is a 1 year old Golden Doodle, blonde, full of curls and life! He came home with his family at 8 weeks old, weighed 10lbs and was eating a store bought Puppy Chow. He was the typical puppy, loved toys and his food.

Remington came to Mayfield Veterinary Clinic for his first health exam and vaccines, in January 2015; he was a young healthy puppy. After his full physical exam Dr. McAllister had recommended a change of diet, he was doing okay on the Puppy Chow but needed to gain some muscle mass as he was to be a BIG dog. It was important for him to have the best food to support the development of his bones and joints.

On his second visit, Remmi’s owners had a nutrition consult with Justine a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). Having Remmi’s owners understand the importance of good nutrition was key to his development and health for a long life. After their consult Remmi went home with Royal Canin Development for Large Breed.

Remmi’s owners wanted the best for their growing puppy as all owners do. Once Remmi was on the Development Large Breed they found him quickly develop more muscle tone, gaining a healthy amount of weight and he pooped less (which is better for us on the other end of the leash)!

Remmi turned 1 year young on October 23, 2015 and now weighs 91lbs! Which means it is time for him to change to an adult formula. His owner came back to the clinic for another nutrition consult with Justine RVT. After doing a brief physical assessment to check his Body Condition Score (BCS) we determined that he was an ideal weight condition and would be best to continue with a formula to support his size and joints. Remmi will be changing to Royal Canin Mobility.

When faced with finding and feeding Remington the best food, his owners used the optimal source of information, their veterinary medical team! Your pet’s veterinary team has all aspects of information required to make informed and scientific recommendations about your pet’s food. Nutrition plays such an important role in our pet’s lives and can make an impact on their daily and lifelong health, so why leave that source to anyone but a veterinary professional.



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