Behavioural Counselling

Assisting dog owners in identifying the underlying causes of their pet's behavioural issues.

Behavioural problems can show in many different ways, for a variety of reasons. From simply pulling on a leash when walking to separation anxiety and aggression all are problems that can easily escalade and are better to discuss with your veterinarian. Having a dog with behavioural issues is a long-term commitment and often required you to alter your lifestyle to help your dog adjust in situations of daily life.

How can dog counsellors help?

People that have pets with behavioural problems work their hardest to help their pets cope and alter their lifestyle to help them improve. Often, they reach limits on their pet’s improvement and need more help, this is where we come in. Frequently there are small tricks that can make a world of difference to a pet, others may require behavioural or anti-anxiety medication to help the pet manage in daily life.

What happens at the consultation?

Our veterinarian will discuss in depth about the concerns and behaviours, your current approaches and methods to working with the behaviour. We will discuss potential reasons behind or triggers associated with the undesired behaviour then work together with you to create a plan for moving forward and managing your dog. Photos and videos are always encouraged in behaviour consults to help us understand and see any concerns.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of consultation?

Your insurance policy should have an outline as to what it covers. Every policy is different. You can check yours to see if behaviour consults are covered under your plan.

What to expect after the consultation?

The consultation does not stop at the end of the appointment. Work must continue at home with all family member involved being on the same page and consistent with new training methods. Working on behavioural problems is a long-term commitment and it is the small achievements that are big accomplishments.

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