Overweight Cat Help

Assist your pet in achieving a balanced weight through our weight management program.

A cat’s weight can be a touchy subject for some cat owners. If a cat is overweight, it can lead to numerous health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, kidney and joint problems. Our team can help you keep your cat an ideal weight to live a long and healthy life.

Is my cat fat?

The “fat cat” is often viewed as a comforting pet. However, being too heavy can really take a toll on your cat’s health. When it comes to ideal weight, every cat is different. You should be able to look down on the top of your cat and see an hourglass shape. The waist should go in after the ribs and back out over the hips.

How can my cat lose weight? Weight loss tips?

One of the ways you can help your cat lose weight is increasing exercise with play. There are many toys available that can help with this, string toys, puzzle toys, lasers etc. You can also increase activity by placing food and water bowls in separate areas of the house, so they have to travel further for food and water. A very important factor in helping your cat lose weight is diet. A low-calorie food is crucial to help reduce excess pounds from your cats’ waistline. Speak with one of our technicians regarding the best choice of food for your cat.

What is offered in a nutritional consultation?

Our technicians will take all the factors of your cat’s lifestyle into account and together, you can decide which diet would best suit your cat’s needs. Many of our foods are 100% guaranteed, so if it doesn’t work for your cat, you can return it and try another.

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