Mayfield Veterinary Clinic Web Store – What Is It? Why Should I Use It?

We are very excited to bring you our new online Web Store, where you can browse and shop for all your pet’s needs directly from the comfort of your own home! Let us tell you about it and why we are so pleased to provide this to our clients.

As you well know, Southwest NB is a very rural community. We see pets from all over Charlotte, York and King Counties. Many of our clients live up to an hour away, not to mention the island-dwelling clients living on Grand Manan, Campobello and Deer Island. It’s not always easy to get to the clinic to pick up food or treats for your pet. Most people try to make it coincide with other needs in town, but sometimes, we all know this happens, you get home, and you go to fill up Fido’s dish, and you realize, you are almost out of food! Which means another unplanned trip to town. Or maybe it’s on a weekend when the clinic is closed.

That’s where the Web Store comes in! You can order any time of the day or night. Yes, it’s open 24/7! You also have the luxury of putting your pet’s food on an automatic re-order, so you don’t have to even think about it! Life is busy enough; let us make your pet’s nutritional needs a little easier for you. You can also get notifications to remind you about the order. The best part is, you can have it delivered directly to your door!

Our Web Store isn’t just for food either. We also have many treats and toys you can browse and choose what best suits your pet. If you need something but notice that it is not on our Web Store, ask us, we can check to see if we can get it for you. Did we mention that there are also discounts available on our Web Store?

Do you spend your summer elsewhere? Maybe spend the summer at a cottage? We can ship to any physical address within Canada (not a PO box). No need to make extra trips or stock up, we’ve got you covered!

All in all, we are so happy to be bringing this service to our clients, making it easier to care for your pet without restrictions of travel, ferries, time and clinic hours. We hope to make meeting your pet’s needs as convenient as possible, in return, making your pet as healthy as possible. You can reach our Web Store from our website and by pressing the button ‘Online Store.

We look forward to serving you online as well as in the clinic.

Written by: Lyndsay McShane, RVT, Hospital Manager



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