Blaze vs Fire

Meet Blaze. He was brought into our hospital after being pulled from a grass fire. His mother made her den under a pile of old pallets, one day their den caught on fire with Blaze inside. Luckily this little guy could cry loud enough to grab someone’s attention. He was brought into us right away. His hair was singed, he had some swelling in his limbs and worst of all, smoke inhalation. Blaze has a fighting chance of survival, but it will not be an easy road.

We want Blaze’s story to bring awareness to anyone planning to burn grass, old pallets etc. Always check all potential burn areas before burning. You could be putting a sweet little animal like Blaze in danger. Fires can often get out of hand if not attended to properly. Remove any risks for uncontrolled spreading, such as old lumber, or pallets. It will also help discover if there are animals that may make their homes there. Check under any structures or metal, anywhere a tiny kitten like Blaze could be hiding. Remember, they will most likely be scared, and well hidden, so it may take some effort to find them.

Always check with your local fire department if it is safe to burn beforehand.

Written by: Mayfield Veterinary Clinic

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