Christmas Gifts Ideas for Pet and Owners

With Christmas around the corner, we wanted to fill you in on a little secret…. You don’t have to go to the city to find something for the pet or the pet owner in your life!! We have gifts for that cat or dog person on your list, even the horse person!  Need treats for that pet that has health restrictions? We have them! Be it allergies, urinary or gastric issues, we’ve got them covered, along with the many other treats we offer including dental treats to keep those teeth healthy! Food for both cat and dog are available here, we are happy to help you find the diet that meets your pet’s needs.

For cats we have interactive toys, toys that drop treats as they play, catnip, soft paws (keeps them from scratching furniture) as well as nail trimmers.


Pups won’t be forgotten at Christmas with the treats and toys we have available! Do you know a dog that eats too fast? We have a bowl for that!  Keep dogs from begging for a walk or play when you are busy or leaving the house? We have toys they can do on their own, like puzzle toys, treat balls and chew toys. These can keep them busy for hours!  Puppy toys are also available to keep them from chewing your favourite shoes.

gifts     gifts

For that horse person, you have on your list that you never know what to buy? We now have acupuncture and massage therapy services available to help them say thank you to their equine friend.

Still not sure what the pet owners on your list want? We have gift certificates! Let them choose!  With our extensive services from Acupuncture to Zoonosis there is something for everyone.

Gulping Bowls gift certifcates bags

Remember that you don’t have to go far to find what you need for your pet, we are right in your neighbourhood. Shopping local helps our community and saves you that trip to the city!

Written by Lyndsay McShane, Office Manager/RVT  



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