Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Cat

Wonder what you can get your little fur ball for Christmas? Here are some ideas that will make great gifts! We have many of these available for your purchase, if not, just ask!

  • Toys with feathers – cats love feathers!
  • Water fountain – helps increase water intake as well, as cats prefer moving water to drink.
  • Catnip
  • Tunnel toy – cats love hiding and running in them
  • Laser toy – this is great for those less active indoor cats.
  • Treats
  • Cat perch or tree – Cats love climbing up higher.
  • A new cat bed or house – especially one they can hide in.
  • Mice toys – they love batting these around the house
  • A new toy basket
  • Puzzle toys – these really great for enriching their minds!

Sometimes just some extra attention and playtime make a great gift as well. Happy Holidays from your friends at Mayfield Veterinary Clinic.

Written by: Lyndsay McShane, RVT 



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