What Is Parvovirus

Did you know that our furry friends need regular vaccinations, just like humans do? One of the diseases your canine friend needs to be protected against is Parvovirus. This disease is part of your dog’s regular Da2PPV vaccine or what we often call, the Distemper vaccine. Parvovirus is not commonly heard of nowadays due to the increase of proper vaccination; however, some cases do occur, even in our area. The parvovirus can affect dogs of all age; puppies and adults who are not vaccinated. It is an extremely contagious and often fatal disease that attacks the GI tract causing foul smelling, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and dehydration due to the vomiting and diarrhea. Canines that have come into contact with the Parvovirus can go down really fast; so, it’s very important to get them checked by the veterinarian as soon as possible. Remember, a simple way to prevent this disease from affecting your canine friend is by proper vaccination and keeping them up to date on their vaccines.

IMPORTANT: We have had 3 Parvo positive dogs come into the clinic within the past month from our area. Please be sure your dog is up to date on their Da2PPV vaccine.

Above is a picture of Chimo, one of our Parvo positive puppies that came in. Fortunately, the owners noticed quickly that something was wrong and they brought him in. Unlike most, he recovered from the virus and was sent home.


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