Getting Old Sucks…. But We Have Solutions!

Often we find ourselves clenching our teeth as our old dogs try to get up, or making ansenorpetblog “oh that’s gotta hurt” face when our older cats miss a jump they used to make, then running to their side to ensure they are ok. We often live in the moment with our pets, but don’t tend to think about the long run in pain management or joint care for them. That’s where we come in.

We have many different services that can help your mature/senior pet live a long and more comfortable life. Often, these services can be used as preventative care, instead of an afterthought. It would be ideal to prevent these health issues than try to fix them after they occur. Some of the things to consider in being proactive in your pet’s health are;

Nutrition – Are they on the proper diet that meets their needs; are they under or over weight? A few extra pounds on your pet can lead to many health issues, by simply keeping them at an ideal body score, it reduces the risk. Also considering the organ functions of your pet can greatly influence their food needs.

Supplements/Joint care – We have many different blog-seniorsupplements available depending on what meets your pet’s needs. Often larger breed dogs are in need of a little extra boost in the joint care department, which can be found in either supplements or proper diet that promotes joint health.

Wellness Exams – Having your pet thoroughly checked over at least once a year is an ideal way to catch any signs of health problems brewing. Our doctors check from nose to tail for any abnormalities. They can often spot lumps or bumps that may be concerning, but may need to do further diagnostics to help them get a full picture of your pets health.pet-blog

Bloodwork – Even as we age, our own doctors make sure we have our bloodwork done, same goes for your pets! This routine bloodwork, when done yearly, can often detect health issues before symptoms become present. It also gives us a trending pattern to watch as your pet ages, where last year’s levels were compared to this year and what levels we need to keep an eye on.

Dental care – Keeping your pets mouth healthy and clean can be key in keeping many preventable diseases at bay. Depending on your pet’s wellness exam, your pet may need yearly or bi-yearly dental cleanings to keep them healthy and happy.

Services we provide for the after effects of aging are;

Digital X-Ray – Can be used to detect arthritis, hip dysplasia, back problems, heart and lung problems, enlarged organs or even tumors. These images can often help our veterinarians in providing the best treatments for your pet.

blog-seniorAcupuncture – This can be used for a wide variety of health problems in any age, but can often give much relief to the aging pet. As a safe alternative to many medications, acupuncture is a natural remedy that can keep arthritis pain at bay for your pet.

Cold Laser Therapy – Cold laser is a great addition to arthritis treatments as a non-invasive alternative to medications and another treatment often used for many ailments.

Pain Management Medications – When our vets need to choose a pain medication for your pet, they take many factors into consideration, such as Organ function, age, body condition score, temperature, and existing medication regime. We supply a wide range of medications that our doctors can. dog-senior-blog

Environmental enrichment support – Our staff can help you with tips and tricks to make your aging pet’s life a little easier. Ideas such as raising your large dog’s dish to reduce back strain, or bringing your cat’s litter box upstairs to eliminate the need of going up and down can make a big difference for your pet.

Palliative care – Sometimes, all we have left is to make our pets comfortable for their remaining time with us. We offer many different options in helping make it possible for your pet to live out their time in the comfort of your own home.

No matter what health level your pet is at, we strive to keep them in your life as long as possible. We enjoy you, enjoying your pets. Many of our services are even available by house call if that makes it more comfortable for your pet. Let us know your concerns; we want to work with you for a long happy healthy life for them.

Written by Lyndsay McShane, Office Manager/Tech 


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