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Periodontal Disease in Pets by Dr. Katie Killen & Dr. William Bell

It is amazing how often periodontal disease is present without us even realizing. It isn’t every day that we are prying open our pets mouths to take a close look at their teeth, especially if their breath isn’t smelling so hot…but the good news is, we can intervene at any stage of the disease to […]

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Where’s that smell coming from?!

Let’s freshen that breath together! Do you find yourself embarrassed when your dog or feline friend hops on someone’s lap to lick their face? Not because of the behaviour itself, as you likely have come to find it quite endearing in your own pet, but because you’re afraid they will get a whiff of that […]

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Household Dangers

Just as parents ‘childproof’ their home, so should pet owners ‘petproof’ theirs.

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Giving your cat a pill

The easiest way to give your cat a pill is to hide the pill in food. This usually works best

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Ear Drops and your Cat

Instructions Remember that the ear may be very painful and that the cat may respond

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Mayfield Veterinary Clinic has been looking after my cats since I moved here 10 years ago. The staff is…

Medic Clark

From the minute you enter the staff and vets at Mayfield are always very welcoming and considerate. They are thorough…

Riverside Inc.

I brought my senior cat to mayfield who was sneezing, wheezing and having difficulty breathing. It was a general appointment…

Ross Faulkner

Wonderful vets/ vet techs. Our 9 year old family dog was on deaths door, until we brought her in, now…

Ruthanne Post

Mayfield vet is always such a great resource for me when I am concerned about the well being of my…

Megan Mcshane


Feline Urinary Obstruction - “THE BLOCKED CAT”

Obstruction or blockage of the urethra (the tube which transports urine from the bladder out of the body) is a condition that male cats, particularly those that are overweight, are predisposed to.

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