Jaymi Greenlaw, ACA

Animal Care Assistant

I joined the clinic in 2016. My favourite thing about the clinic is working in a great environment with wonderful mentors. What I love most about the job is that there's always something new to learn, furry faces to meet and that every task, big or small, contributes to helping animals and their owners.

Fun fact about me is that I'm originally from St. Stephen but have lived in BC most of her life. The older I got, the more I felt the pull for home and family, so I moved back for good! My boyfriend and I have two dogs and spend most of our off time with them and their friends, doing anything and everything outdoor-related! Also, my first pet was Blackie, a very large and fluffy mystery mix that my mom rescued just in time for my birthday.


Feline Urinary Obstruction - “THE BLOCKED CAT”

Obstruction or blockage of the urethra (the tube which transports urine from the bladder out of the body) is a condition that male cats, particularly those that are overweight, are predisposed to.

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